Native American Heritage

native-american-heritage-38_n131There are 19 Peublos (Spanish word for towns) in New Mexico and most are located in the Rio Grande Valley.

The various pueblo people can trace their ancestry back thousands of years and their influence is seen in lcoal architecture and artwork.

Here’s a site for the pueblos, brief descriptions about them as well as information about events. Many of the pueblos have feast days and dances that are open to the public and you can contact the pueblos directly for detailed information.

Be advised that etiquette specific to the pueblos is to understood and practiced i.e., many do not allow any photography, no pointing, no open displays of affection, women should dress modestly, etc.

Santa Fe itself was the site of a pueblo hundreds of years ago. Many of the contemporary pueblos are an easy drive from Santa Fe. Albuquerque is the home of the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center.

The ancestral people would carve into the rocks (called petroglyphs) and these number in the thousands throughout the Santa Fe area and all over the west.