Distressed Properties

In the current real estate market, short sales have become of increasing interest to potential home buyers and investors. For sellers, perhaps more importantly for buyers, methods and options exist to avoid foreclosure.

It’s sad to note that 70% of all homes were lost to foreclsoure without any intervention largely because the homeowner did not understand options available to them.

You can contact me using the form below or visit, a website  specifically for the distressed homeowner.

If you feel threatened by the burden of your mortgage, you should know that you have options that can lead to a far better outocme than a foreclosure.

“This letter is to commend Peter Kahn.  He recently helped my ex-wife and me through a very difficult and complicated short sale. His expertise is beyond what one would expect of a real estate broker. Without his dogged determination, the closing would not have happened. Through the lengthy process, I was ready to give up several times; but Peter never wavered. Never has anyone deserved a commission more.

The transaction involved a significantly overpriced house, a disorganized first mortgagee, a stubborn second mortgagee, an ex-wife and her attorney, impatient buyers unfamiliar with the short sale concept, and irreverent and short fused me.

Peter navigated rough and uncharted waters with grace and confidence. I strongly recommend him especially to anyone facing a short sale situation and also for regular real estate needs as well.

Peter is a first class gentleman and the ultimate professional. I hope that you and Peter will be comfortable using me as a reference for his services.”  J. Rogers

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